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Free DVD Decrypter 1.5

Free program for copying entire DVDs to your system
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Many of us have valuable DVDs which we want to backup for sharing them with our friends and family members, or to have a spare copy just in case. This free program allows you to copy your DVD collection to the hard drive of your computer, from where you can burn a copy of them. The program has a very simple interface featuring only the DVD drive and the output folder, which can be set up by you. You only need to insert a DVD in your drive and push the Save to PC button, and the program will do the rest. By using the advanced options, you can change the language of the program's interface, and choose to turn off the computer if the process is successful. Also, it is possible to set the priority of the process, choosing between low, normal or high.
The installation wizard asks you to install the DVD Videosoft toolbar. Also, if you chose not to do so, the program asks you again every time you close the program. Besides being annoying, you can close the dialog box and keep using the program without having to install anything else.

Victor Hernandez
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